Are you addicted to activity?

2 min readJan 25, 2023

Checking is euphoric.

Task completed. What’s the next one for me to cross off? For some it can go as far as placing everyday tasks on the list so there is something to strike through.

I’ve been guilty of that.

There’s (probably) nothing wrong with checking off tasks.

Except when it becomes an addiction. Except when you find yourself having completed a mountain of tasks — none of which was important. None of which moved even one step closer to your goal.

When you wonder how you can be so busy and yet never get anything done.

Sound familiar?

There is a cure. To get something done, make sure the most important task is on the list — preferably in first position, but at least at a position that it will always get done each day. Then limit the amount of time you spend on every other task.

Yes, it’s that simple — but that doesn’t make it easy.

Life will always get in the way at first. But if you persevere it will become easy. Routines and starting small will help you.

Is exercise on the list? Schedule a time with yourself to do a bit every day. Start small — perhaps no more than twenty minutes a day. Creating? Block out your calendar when you have the most energy.

But again, limit the amount of time. Work your way up to the goal you want. James Clear expresses this as, ‘Standardise before you optimise’.

Action can become an addition.

Just like inaction. It’s easy to get caught by both. How do you limit your addiction to activity?




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