Strategy is recursive

Strategy is recursive.

Set a goal then create a strategy to meet that goal. Each step in the plan is a goal. So create a strategy to meet that goal, and each element in that plan is a goal…

Strategy is reductive.

There’s always subordinate detail that requires a plan. The process only ends when the next action is simple and defined. And you can’t achieve the highest-level strategy until all subordinate plans are completed.

Strategy doesn’t work without action.

A plan without action is a daydream. And as Benjamin Franklin said, “If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail.” Plan, do, plan.

Strategic planning never ends.

No plan can be right first time. And the outcome of the first step must feed into the next stage of planning. Plan, feedback, plan.

The route to your destination is repetitive.

Identify the goal, form a strategy, take action and get feedback. Check the next goal still leads to your destination. Repeat.

Because strategy is recursive.



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